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Welcome to the Art Club's Persidential ElectionTop

We put the "ART" back in "ARTist"

Candidate: Xiaoting Hu
Running for: President

Name:Xiaoting Hu




Hobbies & Interests:Drawing, Sleeping, reading, writing, annoying people, procrastinating, Computer graphics


Birthday:August 1, 1989
Copic Markers
Where I'm From:China

Where I'm At:USA

Favorite animals:Kittens, White tigers

Physical Information:Black hair, brown eyes, round face w/ baby cheeks

>Length of hair:3 Feet and still growing :)

>Biggest Fear:Spiders

>Greatest Weakness:Low Self Confidence
Oil Paints...prices gone up
Likes:drawing, Ice cream, chocolate, pocky, drawing, sweet stuff, sleep, procrastinating, drawing, kitties, randomness, the night, drawing

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In my spare time, I like drawing. A lot. When I'm not being lazy.

A couple of my favorite links
Saturn Aliathe webcomic

Deviant ArtWhere artists come to post their works.

Ben Hersh
"Talk to the waffle."
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